Recipe Cards: The Croods


This was a fun project. In to creating a beautiful product, I was able to put my writing skills and love of Latin American cuisine to good use creating these fun recipe cards featuring bananas.

The first thing I had to do was create the recipes. I found several recipes for traditional dishes dating back several decades and put a new spin on them to make them a little easier for modern kitchens.

Most of these feature rich, detailed backgrounds with characters added in after the fact. This required a bit of magic on my part to make the images look like they were part of the original image as well as lay out the text in such a way to be legible. What made it even more challenging is that on a couple of these, the clients asked for different characters to replace the originals. Then of course, we had to translate everything into Spanish and do it all over again.

Here are the finished (English version)designs.

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