New Year’s Resolutions for 2017


For years, I have kept a special journal that I only look at once a year. On New Year’s Day, I open the journal and read over the previous year’s entry. Then I recap the year’s highlights and low points see how well I have kept the previous year’s resolutions, and then finally set new goals for the next year and wrap up with my yearly mantra. Once that is done I put the journal away for another year and don’t usually open it until the following year when I repeat the process.

Remarkably, I usually manage to reach most of my goals, even though I usually forget what they are. Granted, the specific ones about saving money or losing weight rarely happen, and I’ve been pretty lax about picking up a paintbrush or putting colored pencil to paper, but otherwise I’ve been pretty successful. For example, last year my realized goals included finishing a manuscript, beating the NaNoWriMo challenge, stabilizing my job situation, planting a garden and getting 9 Bridges into a self-sustainable place. All of those I managed to complete. Go team!

This year marked the tenth anniversary of this continuing practice, so I thought I change things up a bit. Usually my goals are very self-oriented, but this time my Darling suggested that we make goals that we can work on together. I also decided that I’m going to share my goals – partly to shame myself into actually completing them and also as (hopefully) a way to inspire and get inspiration from other people who are setting yearly goals for themselves.

Over the next month, I’m going to share our goals for 2017 and what we are doing specifically to reach them. Please feel free to share your goals and, if they are similar, any tips you have to make them stick. We all need a hand once in a while.

Good luck to you on reaching your goals for this year and please wish us the same.

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