Case Study: Secret Millionaires Club App

Secret Millionaire’s Club app prototype | Client: Get Fugu

One of my more memorable gigs was as Art Director for Get Fugu, a small startup in West Hollywood. It failed spectacularly, but for a while it was great. I had a fantastic team of talented designers and we were designing smartphone apps, which were still cutting edge at the time.

One of the projects we pitched was an app to compliment a cartoon series developed by the creators of the wildly successful “Inspector Gadget” series. They were working with Warren Buffett to develop a new series to help kids learn about money.

My team was tasked to create a series of screens for this app as part of a pitch to the client. With only a powerpoint to go from and 24 hours to mock up enough screens to put together a working mock, we got to work.

One of the biggest challenges was designing icons that matched the style of the cartoon. We had very little actual art from the client to work from, so the majority of the icons were my own custom illustrations. Because we also had very little time, I mocked up the main design so that my designers had a template to work with. In all, we had to create around 15-20 static screens which were then engineered to create a prototype for the pitch.

Not only was the client happy enough that they signed the contract, but Andy Heyward, the co-creator of Inspector Gadget made a special trip into the office just so he could personally congratulate us for nailing the style perfectly. We had to make almost no revisions to the look/feel of the app, which meant we were able to finish the remaining screens and get the whole thing developed in time to present the beta version of the app to Warren Buffett at the Berkshire-Hathaway annual shareholders’ meeting. Mr. Buffett was thrilled.

Below you will see a few of the final screens…