Published Works

Writing as Anne Harrington:


The Griffin’s Feather (2015)

Molly Stevens thinks she knows everything about her new home in San Geronimo. It’s hot, miserable, and above all, the most boring place on earth. Then a chance encounter with her neighbor, grumpy old Barnaby Cotton, opens her eyes. She soon learns that things are not always what they seem to be and magic is not something only found in fairytales.

What people are saying: 

“I would give this book more than five stars if I could. Anne Harrington has a great voice in her Molly character. This book cost me a night’s sleep because I once I got past page 20, I could NOT put it down. The action in the book moved the story along nicely. The story ebbed and flowed in a masterful fashion. Exceptionally well written. A masterful story-teller! I am surprised that the author hasn’t written more books like this, but she can count on me to read every one of the Molly series! I highly recommend this book to both young adults and not-so-young adults (like me.)”

“This is a phenomenal work, an instant classic. Anne displays an extraordinary gift of imagination like the best children’s book authors, yet it’s not just for children, you will love reading it to or with your kids as well.”

“Wonderful writing and an excellent way to lose yourself in world of creative imagination and magic. Love it when a story is so real and the characters so full of life that it can take me out of my reality. Looking forward to more captivating stories from Anne Harrington.”



Writing as Elizabyth Burtis:

Demonology: Book of Gabriel

Demonology: Book Of Gabriel (2014)

Many people choose to fight their personal demons…

…Gabriel’s demons chose him.

Former exorcist Gabriel Wolfe enjoyed a quiet life in Hollywood as a consultant on horror movies until the night he met Oliver Fitzpatrick and his strange sister. Now his life is unraveling and he is flung into a world of demons and dark magic, culminating in the kidnapping and demonic possession of Maya Carmichael, his business partner and only friend. With no other options in sight, Gabriel reluctantly seeks help from the only person he can turn to – his old teacher and mentor, Father Paolo Sebastian.

Enlisting the help of Professor Frank Harper and Father Sebastian, Gabriel goes on a hunt to find and confront an Arch Demon to save Maya… and himself. The success will hinge on whether Gabriel can face his demonic nemesis, but so far, the demon has stayed one step ahead of this deadly game. Gabriel needs to summon and fortify his withered inner strength before it is too late. If he cannot, he’ll lose the soul of the only woman he ever loved.

What people are saying:

Demonology: Book of Gabriel is much more than “just another” paranormal, haunting, demon-inhabited, flavor-of-the-week book in this currently popular genre. The writing style is vivid and without clutter. The characters are well-formed, distinct, and engaging. I planned to read only a few pages to be polite as it was gift, and several chapters later, I realized I was A) Hooked; and B) late for an appointment. Reaching the end of the book was that wonderful mix of satisfaction in the journey taken and dismay that there’s no sequel… yet.”

Demonology: Book of Gabriel is very creative and entertaining; it reads smoothly and keeps you at the edge of your seat. The characters are classic and the plot develops with good suspense and imagery. The author displays a keen sense of writing an incredible tale while keeping it realistic and engaging.”

“Demonology: Book of Gabriel” was released by Rothco Press in October, 2014. This is the first book in a four book series. More information can be found at the Demonology Books Website.